The team here at Phillips Garcia Law are committed to seeking justice for hard-working people facing workplace disputes across Massachusetts. You need someone on your side when you are faced with the challenge of defending yourself against your employer, whether it be from a wage or paycheck issue or a discrimination or harassment problem. We are not afraid to fight for your rights against powerful opponents like banks, credit card companies, insurance companies, large corporations and established institutions -- and we have a long track record of doing so successfully. 

Unpaid Wages (Wage and Hour Claims)Unpaid Wages (Wage and Hour Claims)

Hard-working employees deserve their full wages. Wage theft affects your entire family.   No industry or type of employee is immune from wage theft as it happens to construction workers, painters, waiters, waitresses, bartenders, sales employees, executives, home health aides, delivery drivers, cable installers, office workers, store clerks, managers, nurses, insurance adjusters and a whole host of other types of employees. 

If your employer has ignored your complaints about wage theft, or you have been terminated after asking about a paycheck discrepancy, you are not alone.  Phillips & Garcia represents victims of wage theft without charging any out-of-pocket fees or costs and pursues up to 3X times your unpaid wages from your employer.  

Sexual HarassmentSexual Harassment

Workplace sexual harassment can take many forms. When a superior demands sexual favors in exchange for a job or promotion, that is quid pro quo harassment. When a company’s culture consists of sexual banter, inappropriate jokes, and unwanted touching, that is a hostile work environment. Both forms of sexual harassment are illegal in Massachusetts, and the companies that allow or condone it should be held liable.

Experienced employment attorney Carlin Phillips is proud to stand up for victims of workplace sexual harassment. If you've been victimized by a manager or are forced to tolerate a sexually toxic workplace, talk to our Dartmouth legal team to see if your situation meets the legal standard of sexual harassment. We will help you understand your rights and advise you on what damages your employer may owe for committing sexual harassment or subjecting you to a hostile work environment.  

Employment DiscriminationEmployment Discrimination

All you want is to be treated like other employees. You want fair pay for equal work, promotions you have earned and the same personal freedoms as your co-workers. However, you believe you are being targeted or are being overlooked for raises or promotions because you are a person of color, a woman, gay, disabled or a member of another protected class. Employment discrimination is alive and well in Massachusetts, and you don’t have to accept it.

Experienced employment attorney Carlin Phillips stands up for victims of workplace discrimination. When you fight back against an employer who has violated your rights, you are taking the first step to combating discrimination and holding your employer accountable. 

We represent employees in discrimination cases and argued one of the seminal state gender discrimination cases to the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court in Boston .  Contact our Dartmouth Law Office with your discrimination complaint today. 

Class Action ClaimsClass Action Claims

How do you stop a business or employer who overcharges you or underpays you based on a company-wide corporate policy which violates the law?  What happens when that business or employer blows off your complaints about overcharges or underpayments?  Wages not paid in full. Failure to refund you fully upon cancelation of a good or service.  Repeated robo-collection calls to your phone.  You may feel helpless against such practices.  That is where the law allows for a class action lawsuit to achieve economic justice.

Corporations engage in practices which harm consumers on a state-wide or national level but the amount of money lost for each consumer is often not high enough to individually hire a lawyer on an hourly or contingent fee basis.  The law recognizes this problem and allows for consumers and employees to band together to form a "class action."  Class action cases can stop illegal corporate or government practices and force change.  Class actions also provide economic pay-outs to consumers and employees based on the amount of money they lost.