Representing MA Employees in Claims of Wage Theft, Sexual Harassment, Discrimination & Wrongful Termination

Our Self-Imposed Oath to Represent People

When we formed our law firm, we each took a self-imposed oath that we would not represent the interests of big corporations or the government. We have kept that oath for over 25 years. We have always represented "the little guy" against corporate employers, big banks, insurance companies, and the government.

We believe in sticking up for the rights of individuals, no matter the size of the corporate employer. Our entire litigation practice involves taking on the legal burdens of working families who need someone in their corner to fight for them. The loss of income from wage theft drastically decreases the wages that you worked so hard to earn. Sexual harassment or discrimination at work can affect all aspects of your life and can force you to leave your job because your complaints were not heard by your employer and nothing changed. We hear these stories and concerns from our clients all the time and then take up their causes.

We Only Represent EMPLOYEES

We don't operate on both sides of the fence. We only represent employees in employment-related cases. We represent working folks from across the state, including New Bedford, Dartmouth, Westport, Fall River, Wareham, Boston, Brockton, Braintree, Quincy, Plymouth and so on.

We Don't Charge Upfront Fees or Costs (Our "No Upfront Fee Guarantee")

We know from experience that employees don't have money to hire a lawyer, particularly when they have been a victim of wage theft or have been run out of their job due to sexual harassment or discrimination.You pay no out of pocket upfront fees or costs to hire us. We handle your case on a "contingent fee basis." We are not paid any fees or costs unless we win your case. If we win your case, we get paid a percentage of the settlement or judgment and also get reimbursed for our costs. 

We take cases in Bristol County, Plymouth County, Barnstable County, Suffolk County, or Norfolk County so please call us today. 

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