dinerTip pools are allowed in Massachusetts as long as they are divided among service staff. 

Tip pools should only include service staff, such as wait staff, bartenders and bussers - and no one with managerial duties. This means generally that supervisors, bouncers, cooks, dishwashers and even hostesses are not supposed to be included in the tip pool.

If managers or any of the above mentioned employees have been included in your tip pools at work, then you need to reach out to us to discuss this right away. These laws are in place to protect Massachusetts workers from unfair business practices, and every business owner has a responsibility to know the accepted practices regarding splitting tips. We have represented servers before in illegal tip splits - and we won our clients money - so you should reach out to the experienced employee rights lawyers at Phillips Garcia today. Use the contact box at the bottom of this page or call 508.998.0800 right away.