Guide to Massachusetts Wage, 1099, Overtime, Tip, Time Laws

If your paycheck is not as much as you think it should be, does that mean your employer is short-changing you? Not necessarily, but how can you know for sure? Without understanding your right to overtime pay, wages for off-the-clock work, the tips you earned, and deduction exemptions, you can’t really know if your employer is paying you what you are owed. By requesting our free guide, you will have easy access to all the information you need to protect your rights as a Massachusetts employee.

What You Will Learn by Reading Our Pocket Guide

This book is a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about wage and hour law in Massachusetts, including the most common violations committed by employers. You might have a legal claim if your employer:

  • Failed to pay overtime
  • Did not pay for pre-shift, post-shift or shift preparation time
  • Took illegal deductions from your paycheck
  • Misclassified you as an “independent contractor”
  • Failed to pay you overtime wages as a salaried employee
  • Did not pay for missed meals
  • Confiscated or skimmed from your tips
  • Did not provide holiday pay for certain holidays

This book goes into detail about each of these types of wage & hour claims so you can understand if you have a claim against your employer. The information we provide is straightforward and direct—cutting out confusing legalese and getting right to the point.

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We think that every hourly and salaried worker in Massachusetts should understand their right to fair pay. We also think you should understand that these are complicated legal claims that require an experienced wage & hour attorney to fight for you. Request our free pocket guide, and you will have the information you need to determine if you are being paid what you are owed. If you think you have a claim after reading our book, or have questions about what you have read, call our office to schedule a consultation. We stand up for Massachusetts workers!

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