The Feeling of Not Being Able to Vindicate Your Rights is Frustrating

You have complained to a business or your employer about their unfair practice.  Your complaint falls on deaf ears.  You complain again and fill-out online complaint forms.  You spent hours on the phone with customer service or "HR" getting nowhere.  You've given them every opportunity to correct the issue which only involves a small amount of money to them but means a lot to you. You get nowhere.

This is the story we hear from our class action clients all the time.  They have all done the right thing by taking their complaints "up the line" but the business or employer at the other end either ignores them or claims that it is doing nothing wrong.  Where do you turn now?

The good news is that the law created class actions to deal with the frustration and anger associated with a business or employer who will not voluntarily change their illegal practices.  Consumers and employees can hire Phillips Garcia, a MA class action attorney in Dartmouth/New Bedford MA area to band together in a class action lawsuit to challenge a business or employer's policies, procedures and practices.

How Do I Know I Have a Class Action Case?

You don't have to know that you have a class action case to contact our office for help.  Class action cases are complicated and involve both state and federal law.  If you have that feeling in your gut that you have been wronged and that the business or employer has done the same thing to other consumers or employees, that is enough for you to call our office to talk to Attorney Carlin Phillips who will listen to your story and analyze whether you have a case.  We represent folks from Bristol County, Suffolk County, Barnstable County, Norfolk County, Plymouth County and even Middlesex County with their class action lawsuits - talk to an experienced, smart Southcoast Massachusetts lawyer today.

Are There Upfront Fees or Costs to Hire Your Firm for a Class Action?

No.  We handle class action claims on a contingency basis where we front our legal time and the costs to bring the case.  If the case is allowed to proceed as a class action by the court and is successful, the judge will establish the amount of fees and costs we can receive from the amount of money that was won.  The judge typically makes this fee and cost award based on a percentage of the the total settlement or judgment that was won.  

What Types of Class Action Cases Do You Handle?

Wage Theft Labor Laws (Unpaid Overtime, Misclassification, Unpaid Travel Time, Unpaid "Off-the-Clock" Time, Unpaid Commissions, Unreimbursed Gas and Mileage, Unpaid Holiday Premium Pay, Not Paying Prevailing Wage)

Medical Billing Errors and Overcharges (Secret Out-of-Network Bills, Overcharging for Casts and Slings)

Medical Record Request Overcharges

Bank and Mortgage Servicing Overcharges and Inflated Fees (Pay to Pay Fees, Convenience Fees, Inspections Fees, Forced Placed Insurance)

Insurance Denials, Reductions and Premium Overcharges

Unfair Debt Collection (Collection of Discharged Debt, Collection of Time-Barred Debt, Unlicensed Debt Collection)

Unfair and Deceptive Business Practices

Failure to Provide Refunds (Covid 19)(Health Club Refunds, Membership Refunds, Ticket Refunds)

How Do We Get Started? 

Simply contact our office to set-up a free consultation so we can evaluate your potential class action case.