As experienced civil litigation and class action attorneys in MA, we are happy to share our knowledge of Massachusetts laws with consumers and workers to help guide you in the steps you should take when facing legal challenges.

Attorney Carlin Phillips just wrote a guide on how to avoid illegal mortgage fees during COVID-19 and prevent foreclosure or bad credit during the coronavirus pandemic, which is available for free download. 

We also have a helpful short book that everyone who works in MA really should know in order to protect your rights and make sure you are receiving the wages you earned and are entitled to: The Original Pocket Legal Guide to MA Wage & Hour Laws: "Must Know" Information on How to Get Paid In Full For Your Hard Work! It discusses who actually qualify legitimately as a 1099 independent contractor, overtime rules, tip and tip pool laws, payroll reporting requirements and more! 

Finally, we have our One Minute Wage Test, which you can take to find out if your employer might be breaking the MA wage laws, and therefore you could be entitled to collect up to 3x your lost wages. For example, if you are owed $5000 for all the times you worked 50 hours a week but didn't get paid 1.5x your hourly rate for your extra 10 hours, then your employer is liable to pay you $15,000! (plus attorney's fees and costs!) This is called triple or treble damages and it's a penalty put in place to deter greedy employers from taking advantage of employees - but alas, greed will always exist and employers violate the law anyways. 

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