Carlin Phillips and Andrew Garcia have been legal partners since 1997. Together they founded Phillips Garcia Law, a boutique law firm whose litigation practice focuses on helping Massachusetts residents pursue economic justice through litigation. Since the day they opened the doors of their law firm over 20 years ago, Phillips & Garcia has stood on the side of working families.  And still does.  And always will.

Serving Residents of Massachusetts

As a boutique law firm, we don’t try to do it all. We only represent employees and consumers, never big corporations or government.  We focus on what we do best—listening to hard working families and helping them with economic issues that affect their everyday lives.  

Bringing Intense Preparation to Every Case

With nearly 60 years of combined experience, our attorneys have seen it all. They draw on this extensive experience as they work with each client and prepare cases for trial. One of just a few local graduates from Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyer’s College, Attorney Carlin Phillips is constantly studying the craft of being a trial lawyer and working to improve his trial skills through the newest and most effective cutting edge trial techniques. He brings this mentality to each and every one of his cases.  

No Out of Pocket Fees or Costs and Free Consultations

We don't charge up-font fees and costs in employment litigation or class actions.  We provide free consultations by phone for all employment and class action related cases.  Contact us at our Dartmouth office to set up a free call.