There are different kinds of discrimination at work.  Since Covid, we have seen more and more cases of disability discrimination.  This trend appears to be continuing.

 Many times an employee is fired due to a disability.  Their employer fails to properly consider and accommodate the employee’s documented medical disability.  The failure to adequately consider and accommodate an employee’s disability and, instead, fire them based on their disability, violates federal law and Massachusetts state law. 

Over the last year, we have successfully handled wrongful termination cases involving the following types of disabilities:

  1.  Perceived heart attack;
  2.  Morning sickness from a pregnancy;
  3.  Complications from an ectopic pregnancy;
  4.  Associated discrimination against a husband caring for his wife who had multiple disabilities, including vision loss;
  5. Mental health issues.

In almost all our disability discrimination cases, the employee informs their employer about the disability but the employer fails to take their complaint seriously.  Both federal and state law require an employer to properly consider whether the employee can be accommodated. 

If you have a question about disability discrimination you can fill out a contact form or call the office at 508-998-0800.  Your time to file a disability claim is limited by law.  Waiting to talk to a lawyer is usually not the best strategy.

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