Yes.  Ordinary travel between home and work is not considered compensable, however, there are several scenarios requiring travel that are. If you work at a regular site, but are required to report to somewhere other than your regular site, you are to be compensated for the extra time it takes you to travel from your home to that site, and also for associated transportation expenses.

If you are required to travel from one place to another (i.e. house to house or business to business) during your workday, you must be compensated for all your travel time. Your employer is also required to reimburse you for your transportation expenses.  view from the driver's seat

For example, a home health aide may travel to the homes of multiple patients in a day.  The home health aide is paid for time with the patient but, per Massachusetts law, she must also be paid for all travel time between patient homes throughout her entire work day.  She must also be reimbursed mileage if she uses her own car. 

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