Over the past 25+ years, our law firm has represented consumers, families and employees in all types of civil litigation cases including serious personal injury, unpaid wages, sexual harassment, and discrimination in many forms based on gender, sexual orientation and disabilities. We've been fortunate enough to represent some great folks and win them some great recoveries. 

Each one of the below case results are unique and took a great deal of time, effort and perseverance by our office and the clients. The below list has been put together so that you can better understand the complexity of the cases we have handled, the types of defendants we go up against on a daily basis and the types of recoveries we obtain for our clients.  This list is not meant to put a value or success rate on any potential new client's case, as all cases are different.  Any lawyer who says he can guarantee a result or promises you that he will win a certain amount at trial is a lawyer you should run away from fast.  Every case is different with different challenges.

If you are the victim of sexual harassment or any kind of discrimination at your current or former workplace, then you need to contact us today for a confidential discussion of your situation before your time to take action runs out. If you think your employer may be paying you incorrectly, or you know you aren't being paid overtime or travel to/from clients or jobsites, or you are incorrectly being called an independent contractor or some other violation of MA wage laws, then please reach out to speak to our office today at 508.998.0800 or via the contact form at the bottom of this page.