The Massachusetts wage laws are complex. As MA wage and hour lawyers, it has been our experience that employees do not understand their rights to be paid in full for their hard work. You may not know that you are entitled to be paid for travel between jobsites, clients or patients. You may not realize any time worked over 40 hours is worth 1.5x your regular rate, or that salespeople and commissioned employees can also be entitled to Sunday, holiday and overtime pay. It has also been our experience that many employers also don't understand the wage laws or conveniently choose to ignore the law until they are caught. 

Likewise, discrimination, sexual harassment and class action claims can be very complicated and require a great deal of research and investigation.  Employees often don't know if they have a legally actionable discrimination, sexual harassment or class action claim. Although they may feel outrage or embarrassment, victims of sexual harrassment or discrimination by bosses or co-workers often don't know who to turn to or what to do about what is happening. We have handled cases for many other victims and can help you navigate you through this difficult situation. Please reach out to our office to have a confidential discussion about your situation today.

Each employee's and consumer's situation is unique.  We encourage employees and consumers to call our office for a free consultation at 508-998-0800 to have their potential claim evaluated by our attorneys.  The below list of questions and answers are some of the most frequently asked questions we get from employees and consumers.  If your question is not listed below, please fill out the contact form to the left and we will gladly answer your question within 48 hours.